From Toby Keith To Johnny Cash, The Most Gangster Country Lyrics Of All Time

There’s an album coming out today called “Bullets in the Gun.” If you had to guess the genre of the artist releasing said album, what would you pick? Hip-hop, right? Of course you’d pick hip-hop. You’re no idiot. You are wrong though, because “Bullets in the Gun” is the latest album from Toby Keith, who’s about the furthest thing from a rapper that the state of Oklahoma has ever produced.

That doesn’t mean Keith isn’t gangster though. He’s totally channeling the spirit of his country music forefathers on this album. We’re talking true badasses like Hank Williams and Merle Haggard who sang about thug life long before Tupac got it tattooed on his stomach. To celebrate Keith’s album and the tradition of outlaw country, we’ve pulled together this list of some of the most gangster country lyrics of all-time. Some of these could have come straight off an N.W.A. album. Check ‘em out!

“She jumped up and grabbed my pistol / Stuck it in the fat man’s back / Said open up the safe and put your money in the sack / Then tied his hands behind him and blindfolded his eyes / Said if you’re dumb enough to chase us man, you’re dumb enough to die.”
– Toby Keith, “Bullets in the Gun”

“His fist is big but my gun’s bigger / He’ll find out when I pull the trigger.”
– Miranda Lambert, “Gunpowder & Lead”

“Two bodies lay crumbled, a woman, a man / His wife stood there by you, a gun in her hand.”
– Stonewall Jackson, “Leona”

“I’ve lied an’ I’ve stole an’ I ain’t fuckin’ jokin’ / It must’ve been them pills I took.”
– Hank Williams III, “The Pills I Took”

“It seems there’s no hope for a gangster / Not a moment of peace to be found … For when you join up with the gangsters / It’s a game you must play to the end.”
– Gene Autry, “The Gangster’s Warning”

“If I could move I’d get my gun / And put her in the ground / Oh Ruby, don’t take your love to town.”
– Kenny Rogers, “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town”

“And I really don’t care if they shoot me down / I’ll never be free again / I’ve got two long life turns to do / Both runnin’ end to end.”
– Merle Haggard, “Huntsville Lyrics”

“And I drank a fifth of courage and walked in / Lord you should’ve seen their frantic faces / They screamed and cried please put away that knife / I guess I’ll go to hell or I’ll rot here in this cell / But who taught who the cold hard facts of life.”
– Porter Wagner, “Cold Hard Facts of Life”

“Well I get into a card game in a company town / Caught a miner cheating I shot the dog down / Shot the dog down, watched the man fall.”
– Steve Earle, “The Devil’s Right Hand”

“Sits in his car and stares at his gun / He wipes the the blood from his shirt / The sweat from his brow / He got out this time but he don’t know how.”
– Chris Knight, “Love and a 45″

“First time I shot her I shot her in the side / Hard to watch her suffer / But with the second shot she died.”
– Johnny Cash, “Delia”