7 Totally Ridiculous Reality TV Cat Fights


The battle of Snooki vs. Angelina is ON tonight on “Jersey Shore.” With only two episodes left in the second season, Angelina makes it pretty clear tonight that she won’t be sending her cast-mates holiday cards later this year. As she says, “I don’t give a f*ck about anybody in this house. All of yuze in this house are f*cking fake. And I want you all to know that I can’t stand any of yuze.”

Yeah, it’s about to go down. But it certainly won’t be the first time a couple of girls have gone at it on reality TV. Check out seven epic battles when girls stopped being polite and started getting violent.

7. New York vs. Pumkin — “Flavor of Love”

Tension was high at the end of season one, and when Pumkin was making her exit New York challenged her. Instead of of swinging though, Pumkin sprayed New York with loogie. Gross. But also creative. We appreciate creativity.

Best line: “Slap me, bitch!” — New York
Cattiness level: 6 of 10
Favorite in a rematch: New York would squash Pumkin again and probably drop a spit bomb on her for good measure.

6. Portia vs. Natalie — “Bad Girls Club Season 4″

Portia stalked Natalie like a vicious cheetah after Natalie made a remark about Portia’s parenting choices. The whole video is a pretty terrifying experience as Portia stalks Natalie and then throws some right hooks that would make Manny Pacquiao proud.

Best line: “Where are you f*cking stupid bitch!?” — Portia, as she finds and begins to attack Natalie
Cattiness level: 7 of 10
Favorite in a rematch: This is a pretty even matchup but a slight edge goes to Portia because she’s more aggressive.

5. Nick Carter vs. Aaron Carter — House of Carter

This is a pretty standard fight between brothers, except for the theatrics, whining and the Paris Hilton pose Nick busts out. The lesson: don’t take out your brothers girl right after they broke up. Or at least, don’t take cell phone pictures of it.

Best line: “Let me tell you something real quick. You’re going to turn the motherf***in’ music down and respect me. Alright?” — Nick
Cattiness level: 9.25 of 10
Favorite in a rematch: Let’s hope there isn’t one.

4. Heather vs. Daisy — Rock of Love 2 Reunion Show

Some reunion this was. These girls meant business. Less than three seconds after Daisy got up and starting ranting, Heather shoved her off stage. Then both jumped up and exchanged blows until they got pulled apart. It was awesome

Best line: The shrieking of the rest of the girls in the studio.
Cattiness level: 4 of 10
Favorite in a rematch: Another close match, but Heather gets the nod, even tough Daisy is Oscar de la Hoya’s cousin.

3. Teresa vs. Danielle — The Real Housewives New Jersey

Wow, these two have some serious beef and it all got aired out during the “final supper.” If there were a way to bottle the anger that emanated from Teresa during her tirade about Danielle, it could probably be used to power a small missile. And then the table flip? This rant has it all. Sign up Teresa for “Goodfellas II.”

Best line: “Name change, arrested, all the stripping, prostitution whore — you were f*cking engaged 19 times!” – Teresa
Cattiness level: 8 of 10
Favorite in a rematch: This one didn’t quite reach fisticuffs but if they ever did reach a full-fledged brawl, we’d take Teresa.

2. Kayla vs. Amber — Bad Girls Club 3

After an exchange about letting things go and wanting to avoid drama, the inevitable happened: an in-car slap fight. Then, like totally unhinged warrior princesses, Kayla and Amber discussed the terms of their altercation before throwing down outside the car. There’s no clear winner as both girls land a couple solid slaps and samurai kicks.

Best line: “You better move. You better move. Because when I punch your lights out it’s gonna be over.” – Kayla
Cattiness level: 7.5 of 10
Favorite in a rematch: Amber is a brave girl, but Kayla is simply stronger.

1. Sharon vs. Megan — Rock of Love: Charm School

Sharon Osbourne knows good theater. And when verbal jabs could no longer get the job done, she put the drink-dumping and hair-pulling smack down on bikini blonde Megan.

Best line: “They can f*ck with me and I don’t give a damn, but not my family.” – Sharon
Cattiness level: 10 of 10
Favorite in a rematch: Sharon. Hands down.