Twitter’s Night Out: Drake Rocked Radio City

Last night the Tweets were watching when Drake stepped onstage at midtown Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall, which is a damn good thing for all of you New Yorkers who didn’t grab tickets. Your cheap ass really should have gotten tickets though, because Drake killed it, especially for a Canadian. He even brought out J. Cole, an incredibly humble move considering the two are competing for the best new artist title in every barbershop, chat room and corner conversation out there. You can get the full play-by-play from the Rapfix crew here and the images from a few public broadcasters below.

+ Not exactly the crazed mob you’d expect to see outside, but that’s because @Djstandup and everyone else was already inside throwing up the deuces.

+ Young Money’s Tyga looking deep into the crowd and counting how many deuces he sees, courtesy of @casalfonso.

+ @Chopperstyle was up close and personal, catching the man of the hour holding court.

+ @casalfonso was like a seasoned paparazzo last night, catching Rihanna rocking that red, mingling with the people instead of hiding backstage.

+  @casalfonso also caught Fabolous (who’s also rocking that red) in what can only be described as the Def Jam section.

+ @exclusiveaccess snapped the Snowman lending his ATL flavor to the mix.

+ For all the naysayers, a pic of proof that the place was really sold out to an unforgiving crowd.