Katy Perry And Her Boobs Were On ‘SNL’ Last Night

Wherever Katy Perry goes, her boobs are sure to follow. Or lead, really. They are in front of her. Anyway, Katy Perry was the musical guest on the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” last night. And her singing, well, it wasn’t so good. But we don’t really care about her singing because she looked awesome.

She looked most awesome in the second sketch of the night, a reprisal of the old Amy Poehler/Maya Rudolph “Bronx Beat” bits. Their special guest was none other than one Katy Perry, playing a nerdy teenager with two very special gifts. Really, none of that matters. What matters is the cleavage explosion that Katy brought with her. She was wearing a cut-up Elmo shirt in an obvious reference to “Sesame Street” boobgate. Then she started jumping up and down. Yes, we’re simple men, pleased by simple things. We’re not afraid to admit that.

If you get impatient, jump to 3:10 for maximum boob overload.