Russell Brand, Adam Lambert And Four Other Celebs Who’ve Beat Up Paparazzi

Pop quiz kids: What do Russell Brand and Adam Lambert have in common other than an unhealthy obsession with man make-up? That’s right, they both love beating up the paparazzi. Last week, Russell and Adam joined an illustrious fraternity of celebs who use photographers as punching bags.

What could turn two seemingly well-adjusted celebrities into paparazzi pummeling psychopaths? An invasion of privacy, of course. Russell was walking through LAX with his bride-to-be Katy Perry, when a skeezy photog tried to shoot up her skirt. Not cool. Russell proceeded to assault the pap and was subsequently arrested. He’s free now and, as he Tweeted, “an infinitely more proficient criminal” thanks to “the tips [he] picked up in chokey.” The situation wasn’t much different for Glambert, who went after a photog who interrupted his day at the beach. Even though Adam jumped on the photog’s back and tried to swat his camera out of his hand, he wasn’t arrested. He is, however, being charged with battery.

These two are only the latest celebs to attack paparrazzi. Even though we respect anyone willing to throw down to protect his girl (Russell) or his vacation (Adam), neither of these two guys can match the sheer awesomeness of the following camera-man assaults.

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