6 Important Things Plus Sofia Vergara’s Hand Bra

LADIES Sofia Vergara is absolute dynamite [Maxim]
Yes, we’re looking forward to the return of “Modern Family” next week.

WEEZY Lil Wayne — “I’m Not A Human Being” [Lil Wayne]
Confirmed: the man’s a Martian.

WHOA World’s scariest job, at 1,700 feet in the air [CollegeHumor]
Think “Tower of Terror” on anabolic steroids.

CAMPUS The 50 best colleges for men 2010-2011 [Guyism]
Mention this article on your transfer applications.

WINGS AND BOOBS 8 celebs who used to be Hooters girls [The Frisky]
Although no one ever really stops being a Hooters girl.

BIKES 18 futuristic motorcycle concepts [Walyou]
Any of you have the gonads to get on the Embrio One-Wheeled bike?

DRAGON CON This is funny, you should watch it of the day [Daily What]
Meet Chad Vader, Darth’s observant brother.

Photo: Maxim