Meet The Stars Of The Lingerie Football League, Part 1

Football, the American variety, was invented sometime in the 1890s. Lingerie, the sexy variety, was invented right around the same time. So it’s only natural that these two revolutions of the late nineteenth century have joined forces with the Lingerie Football League. As you probably know from your religious reading of this blog, the Lingerie Football League debuted on MTV2 last Friday. The ladies stading above are the stars of that league and we’d like to introduce them to you. They are, from left to right, Jamie Ferguson, Natasha Lindsey and Linda Brenner and here’s some info about them.

Name: Jamie Ferguson
Team: Seattle Mist
Position: RB
Story: Jamie has, at different points in her career, played linebacker and offensive line and now she’s ripping off runs from the Seattle backfield. The thing that we like most about Jamie is that she’s from Alaska, which means she has a chance to be the most famous football player to ever come from the . Her biggest competition: former Broncos o-lineman and current ESPN loud-mouth Mark Schlereth.

Name: Natasha Lindsey
Team: Seattle Mist
Position: QB
Story: At 5’5″, 110 pounds, Natasha Lindsey is about as big as William Perry‘s index finger. But that didn’t stop her from pitching for her college softball team and eventually landing a spot as the starting quarterback for the Mist, even though she’d never played a game of tackle football in her life.

Name: Linda Brenner
Team: Dallas Desire
Position: QB
Story: The All-Fantasy Team is the LFL equivalent of the Pro-Bowl team and Linda was named starting quarterback for the Western Conference. We’re going to say this makes her the Peyton Manning on LFL. And while Peyton’s got a few things Linda will never have (a Super Bowl ring, a laser rocket arm), she’s got some stuff that he’ll never be able to dream of (a career as a model, a degree in computer science, a killer body).