Das Racist Is Funny, Smart And Dumb All At The Same Time

Look everybody, it’s rap duo Das Racist, back to drive the web wild with another dose of mad multi-cultural trickery! The group’s new video,”Ek Shaneesh,” offers a mind bending tour through Queens, New York, a place strange enough to produce both Ron Artest and Antonin Scalia. Produced by Brooklyn’s Weird Days, the video’s odd, but it doesn’t approach the stuff this directorial trio usually churns out.

Below we have Himanshu Suri, Victor Vazquez and their hype man Dapwell strolling the streets with a delightfully chubby dancer in tidy whities and voodoo face paint. Orthodox Jews and angry Asian grocers take the place of the flashy cars and fly girls you’re used to seeing in rap videos. It’s just another day in Queens.

The lyrical style here is the best of both worlds. One minute it’s tongue twisting, with Heems dropping off the cuff references to Richard Hell and the 13th century Sufi poet Rumi, and the next minute Victor is letting simple phrases ride the beat. “Watch it like YouTube. Watch it like YouTube.” This is what hip-hop should be — funny, smart and dumb all at the same time.