The Prince Of Darkness Visits The ‘Jersey Shore’

Back in the ’70s, all music fans needed in order to lose their minds was to see a rock legend bite the head off a living, flying mammal. Ozzy Osbourne was always happy to oblige.

Fast-forward to 2010. Whether you blame video games, the 24-hour news cycle or Rod Blagojevich’s hair, emotion-deaf modern audiences require a little more from their entertainers. The Oz Man, ever the innovator, has stepped up. The video below, which will play before Ozzy’s shows on his upcoming tour, puts him alongside the only people on reality TV more dysfunctional than he is — the “Jersey Shore” eight.

We’re not sure who wins the fight here or how much bronzer producers had to use on Ozzy’s flesh, but we’re sure of one thing — The Oz Man should have been cast as the new “JS” cast member.