Need A New T-Shirt For Emmy Night? We’ve Got You Covered

This weekend millions of Americans will crowd around their TVs to half-heartedly watch the Emmys as they play on their iPhones. Some will dress up as characters from nominated shows and others will snort Tabasco sauce to celebrate those shows not nominated. You’ll probably want to be a little more subtle about your love for “The Office,” “Mad Men” or “Modern Family,” all of which are up for those golden…well, whatever those things are. So we’ve compiled this list of t-shirts that’ll help you rep your favroite show and make you fashion-ready for primetime TV’s biggest night.





Masuka T-Shirt ($24.95) – The show’s resident forensics expert is never at a loss for words—even if he has to make them up.

Dexter’s Kill Shirt ($24.99) – If you want to get really authentic and pull off your own Dexter look, you can cop this and splatter some ketchup on it. But please, only ketchup.


Oceanic Arlines T-Shirt ($24.95) – Oceanic Airlines doesn’t have the best safety record, but it sure does make a funky tee. And no, there are no hidden meanings in the logo. Give it a rest.

Official Dharma Jumpsuit ($89.95) – If you have ever wanted to go off the grid and start your own Utopian culture, this is the outfit for you. Just don’t offer us any Kool-Aid.

Mad Men

You Haven’t Seen Mad Men!? T-Shirt ($10) – Don’t you hate that guy who gives you the side-eye for not watching or being addicted to whatever the new “it” show is? Well, this shirt is for that guy. Maybe you’re that guy.

Sterling Cooper T-Shirt ($24.99) – If you’re looking for something a little more understated, you could rock this. There’s also the outside chance that you will run into the one chick who believes it’s a real ad agency and that you can introduce her to Don and Roger.