Today’s Badass: Superhero Pizza Delivery Man Cannot Be Stopped By Silly Flooding

Domino’s Pizza has spent months incessantly reminding us that it’s totally remodeled its pie, but the company didn’t tell us that it also turned its delivery guys into indestructible superheroes willing to brave hell or high water to bring you sauce and cheese deliciousness. We had to find that out ourselves.

While Charleston, S.C., was underwater this past Sunday, Caleb Hartsell had two medium pizzas to deliver to a woman on Smith Street, which was covered by over a foot and a half of water. But Caleb was determined. He plowed through the flood waters in his car and then walked barefoot to the hungry damsel’s steps.

Hartsell got a $4 tip on an $18 dollar check, which is pretty good, but we get the feeling he might have something more in his future. If Jared from Subway can get a gig for walking to the restaurant and eating sandwiches, then this pizza delivery Moses deserves the same.

While we wait for Domino’s to turn Caleb into a star, let’s get nostalgic with some awesome and absurd pizza commercials from yesteryear. Check them out below.

Via Charleston City Paper