5 Hip-Hop Honeys Who Deserve To Have A Ring Put On It

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys recently tied the knot in Corsica, France, and by all accounts the ceremony was something straight out of a fairytale. We believe it. A rapper marrying his baby’s mother? Fairytale, indeed.

We’re betting a whole bunch of hip-hop girlfriends are out there wishing their men would take note from Swizz (and Hov!) and put a ring on it. Here are the five who are probably wishing hardest.

Lauren London

When news broke that this model/actress/Kardashian BFF was carrying Lil Wayne’s child, a wave of disbelief swept across the industry. Who knew Wayne was doing so well? London is Weezy’s fourth baby mother, and the one with the most promising career. We think it’ll be cheaper to keep her, but that might get in the way of him hitting the milestone of five baby mothers.

Christina Milian

The first thing most people thought when they heard that Christina Milian had hooked up with The Dream was that her return to R&B would soon follow, not a baby and marriage. But Milian quickly became a subject in the Love King’s kingdom and was absent from the rest of the world. That is, until the King was caught with two hands full of his assistant’s cheeks in the Caribbean. The two tied the knot last year but now they’re separated. We say The Dream needs to put a ring back on it and patch things up so he and Christina can ride into the sunset as R&B’s first family.

Kim Porter

Kim is the archetype of the hip-hop wife. She’s got her life and persona, and Diddy has his. They’re both doing their own things and will probably never tie the knot, but we wish they would just because the reception would be like one of Diddy’s White Parties on steroids.

Nivea Hamilton

Nivea has three children by The Dream (who has one by Christina Milian) and another by Lil Wayne (who has one by Lauren London). She’s the official Kevin Bacon of this list and for that, she deserves a ring from someone.


We’re not sure if Trina’s shacking up with Wayne, Soulja Boy or Trick Daddy these days, but we’re sure someone below the Mason Dixon can make an honest woman out of the “Baddest Bitch.”