This Day In Internet History: In 2004

Welcome to “This Day In Internet History,” in which we enter the “Wayback Machine” and see what the web was like on this date in years past. A hint: Craigslist hasn’t changed a bit, but just about everything has.

Minus one image, the graphic below shows what looked like on this day in 2004. The online home of the rock music mag was functional, not flashy, and pretty bare compared to its current form.

The “Spin Dispatch” down the center column could be mistaken for a legal journal.

Here’s what was going on: Three years into a 10-year sentence, Shyne was busy on the horn trying to promote his album “Godfather Buried Alive,” released one week earlier (the album was certified gold that December). He spent five more years inside and got deported to his native Belize shortly after he was released from jail in October 2009. (Shyne did manage to sign a seven-figure deal with Def Jam in February and his album “Guess Who” is supposed to drop later this year.)

As for Lil’ Kim, well, you know. She was later sentenced to a year and a day, and served the full term.