6 Important Things Plus A Female Version Of ‘The Expendables’

LADIES What if “The Expendables” were women? [Maxim]
It would be even better than the all-dude version.

METAL Slayer, Megadeth kick off tour [Spin]
Mayhem commences.

DEBUT “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is in theaters today [MTV]
Hopefully this is less confusing than “Inception.”

TRUTH Accurate national parks map [CollegeHumor]
Now you’ll never get lost.

FREAK OUTS 10 people trashing their imitation guitar controllers [Buzzfeed]
Tell the guy in the second video that it’s just a game.

LADIES Partly Cloudy with a Chance of HOT: The 26 Hottest Weather Babes on TV [Bro Bible]
The only thing better than a hot weather girl is this guy.

ABOVE THE LAW The mystery of Steve Jobs’ plateless Benz [Gizmodo]
Isn’t the greater mystery why a billionaire isn’t driving a 2011 model?