Prepare To Embarrass Yourself: Nelly, Nas And Diddy Songs Coming To ‘Def Jam Rapstar’

Remember how you spent hours back in 2002 with a Band-Aid on your face learning the lyrics to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre”? And remember how your mother said you were wasting your time on a skill that would never help you in life? Well, mom was wrong! Because “Hot in Herre” was just added to the roster of songs on “Def Jam Rapstar,” a “Rockstar”-like game that will finally let you put those emcee skills to use. Other newly added songs include Nas’ “Hate Me Now,” Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” and Diddy’s “It’s All About the Benjamins (remix).” We’re pretty sure this game is going to launch us to hip-hop superstardom. But it seems Method Man and Redman don’t agree. Jerks.

Via Gamespot