Girl On Girl: 8 Fine Ladies With Tattoos Of Fine Ladies

Hey! Look over here! We’ve got some hot girl-on-girl action! And by that we mean girls with tattoos of girls.

It takes a special woman to get the image of a special woman tattooed on her. We found eight of them, from women who make a living with their bodies (Jenna Jameson) to those who do it with their brains (Diablo Cody). The tattoos are just as varied, from classic pin-up girls in cheesecake poses to famously inspirational women (we couldn’t find an Eleanor Roosevelt or a Rosa Parks, but we did find a Marilyn Monroe). Check out the eight fine ladies with tattoos of fine ladies below.

First up, Megan Fox!

1. Megan Fox

Megan Fox, the painfully sexy “Transformers” star (who, it must be added, is bizarrely married to the doof from “90210” who put out this album), has a tattoo on her arm of Marilyn Monroe, maybe the most painfully sexy woman of all time. We fully support Megan’s choice of idol, just as long as she doesn’t end up like the former Norma Jean (dead at 36 from a pill overdose). She should totally go stand on a subway grate though.

2. Kat Von D

Upstaging all the other ladies on this list, Kat Von D has several women on her skin, including a ’50s Rockabilly-type (high-waisted skirt, victory rolls) on her upper right arm and, our favorite, a busty winged woman across her stomach. With all these hotties on her body, it kind of makes us wonder what they get up to when Kat’s not watching.

3. Diablo Cody

Diablo Cody, writer of “Juno” and lesbian serial killer horror film “Jennifer’s Body,” has a tattoo of a girl in a bikini with her legs tied together. This tat was once accompanied by the words “Johnny’s Girl,” which have since been covered over with roses. Sorry Johnny.

4. Jodie Marsh

On the third page of England’s conservative-leaning tabloids, there is generally a photo of a topless girl. These girls become known as “Page 3 Girls,” and Jodie Marsh is one of the most well-known (she was also a maniac on the UK’s “Celebrity Big Brother”). Oddly, she has a tattoo of what appears to be herself on her arm — that’s called living the brand — above an image of Michael Jackson. Make of that what you will.