7 Important Things Plus The Woman Who Claims She’s ‘Taking Over The Interwebz!’

LADIES Meet Violet Doll [The Smoking Jacket]
She claims she’s ‘taking over the interwebz!’ We hope so.

BOARDS Last impressions from X Games 16 [GrindTV]
Bring back street luge!

SPEED Incredible “Getaway In Stockholm” street race [All Exotic Cars]
Lamborghini Gallardo. Porsche 911 GT3. Highly illegal.

BREWS Dutch brewery releases strongest beer (60%) in the world [Eater]
Ironically named “Start the Future” because it will end your night.

METAL Listen to The Showdown’s “Bring It Down” [NoiseCreep]
One word: Fast.

HASH TAG Different breeds of tweets guide [CollegeHumor]
#Crap @Whichoneofthemareyou?

GRUB Most ridiculous Pringles flavors from around the globe [Huffington Post]
Japan has a “Night Club” flavor, which we assume tastes like liquor and sweat.

LADIES The 25 hottest women born in August [Bro Bible]
This will help you get over July.