Four Rappers Who Should Have Their Twitter License Revoked

Some say Twitter is a publicist’s worst nightmare (see Jae Millz support that argument below). And maybe it is. But it’s also a fan’s wet dream. Follow your favorite celeb on Twitter and you’ll get to see him shoot from the hip without the filter of a manager or handler. If you get lucky, the Tweets will get crazy. That’s what happened with the four rappers on this list, who we’re guessing got an angry phone call from their PR man after sending out these Tweets.

Below, our list of four rappers who should have their Twitter licenses revoked.

1. Jae Millz

Telling the world you’re upchucking the boogie at 8:53 in the morning probably isn’t the best way to look professional. Someone get Dr. Drew on the phone.

2. Plies

Don’t let the grammar fool you. The man was supposedly his high school’s valedictorian. But he’s not smart enough to keep his drunken Tweets to himself. Dammit, we need Dr. Drew’s number again.

3. Slim Thug

There’s a lot more to Slim Thug than his racial preference in women and “Daily Show” videos about being a boss despite the recession. For example, there’s his inability to know how to ignore a Tweet that should be ignored. Next time, when someone offers to post embarrassing footage of you doing embarrassing things, you shouldn’t egg them on.

4. Joe Budden

Ignoring Twitter haters is paramount if to staying sane. Plus, going after a moron who called you out for not being in the studio at 9:30 am makes you look just as petty as the moron.