Fart Suppressor ‘Subtle Butt’ Will Devour Your Stench

Flatulence had a nice run, but the days of embarrassing (or entertaining) odorous public farts might be nearing an end thanks to a fart suppressor called “Subtle Butt.”

Along with a variety of other bizarre products, Subtle Butt has been on display this week at a beauty tradeshow in Las Vegas. The actual product contains a carbon filter patch which sticks to the user’s underwear. And as you can see in the diagram at right, Subtle Butt works by swallowing stenchy fart arrows into its carbon filter so the noxious fumes don’t release into the air.

“I use them on airplanes, after a chili meal, and even on my dog,” Kim Olenicoff, founder of Solutions That Stick, told StyleList.

Pretty creative, but leave the dogs alone. And maybe we’re old fashioned, but isn’t there pride in successfully squeezing one out in public without getting caught? Or just blaming it on a buddy? We say Kim should get back in the lab and make a fart enhancer.

Via StyleList