6 Important Things Plus Katy Perry Is Falling Out Of Her Bikini

LADIES Katy Perry is at a water park [WWTDD]
And this bikini has a serious challenge on its hands.

MUSIC Young Jeezy’s “TM 103″ is out Sept. 28. New single is out today [XXL Mag]
The single, “Jizzle,” featuring Lil Jon streams at 3:30 at the link above. Get it!

WHEELS The 25 best designed cars of 2010 [Complex]
Unlike Toyotas, they’ve all got working brakes.

GROANS Top 10 worst songs of the summer [Time]
LFO’s “Summer Girls” might actually be the worst song of every season.

OOPS The funniest marketing fails of all time [Huffington Post]
In C.E. Prevatt’s defense, it’s gotta be hard to market a funeral home.

HEAD LOCKS 15 classic wrestling entrance themes [EgoTV]
Now go find your action figures.

IDENTITY CRISIS Porcupine thinks it’s a puppy [CollegeHumor]
Stinkers the smelly porcupine might need some Ritalin.