11 Celebrities And Their Frightening Face Tattoos

Antwaun Dixon

Skater Antwuan Dixon is a man with REAL tattoos. With full sleeves and ink on his chest, neck, hands, and practically his entire face, Dixon is a man without commitment issues. Let’s just hope the skateboarding thing works out for him, because you won’t be seeing this guy working at Citibank any time soon.

Trace Cyrus

Miley’s emo older brother has got a lot to prove to the Hot Topic crowd, which may explain why the facial tats were absolutely necessary. He’s also got a new band called Ashland HIGH, which may refer to drugs, but who knows? Maybe he just really liked 10th grade.

Nikki Sixx

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx — an actual zombie (he was once declared dead for two minutes) — sometimes needs a break from hair metal and brain-eating. Hence, getting some tattoos that make it look like his mascara is smearing. There is no rest for the undead.

Gudda Gudda

Gudda x2 is a member of the Young Money crew, along with brighter lights like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. Once he hits that level, he’ll never forget where he came from because every time he looks in the mirror he’ll see New Orleans’ signature fleur-de-lys on his right cheek.

Deshawn Stevenson

Sports is a place where excessive tattooing is still frowned upon, what with all the old fans who want to go back to the days of afros and super-short shorts. Mavericks shooting guard Deshawn Stevenson doesn’t care, though. He’s got several face tats, including a backwards Pittsburgh Pirates logo (we’re not sure why it’s backwards and neither, it seems, is he) and a crack on his forehead which represents how he “never cracks.” Oh the irony.

Soulja Boy

Dance creator and Ice-T enemy Soulja Boy went and got a tattoo above his eyebrow with the cryptic acronym of SODMG. But what does it mean? Soulja Out Demonstrating Metric Greatness? Some Others Don’t Merit Gold? See Our Dog’s Mean Grin? No, it stands for SOD Money Gang, but that’s not nearly as much fun.