11 Celebrities And Their Frightening Face Tattoos

It doesn’t take a lot of guts to get a tattoo these days. Shirts or socks can cover that little heart around your ankle, that dumb tribal band around your arm, or whatever mistake you made as a rebellious 18-year-old. There is, however, one body part where only the most adventurous dare to get inked: the face. Get a face tat and you’re automatically limiting yourself to two jobs—prison inmate or celebrity, or in some cases, both. The fraternity of face-tatted celebs includes rappers, athletes and tattoo artists. Some have gone subtle and others have gone all out. Check out the best face ink below.

Mike Tyson

When Iron Mike got this tribal design on the side of his face, it was a low point for a once great star. But even though the tattoo is part of an awful trend of tribal ink, maybe it isn’t all bad. Not long after getting tatted up, Tyson knocked out Clifford Etienne in under a minute, his last professional win.

Gucci Mane

Gucci shows that it’s possible to be both an inmate and a celebrity, having just been released from Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail after serving time for a parole violation. The classic jailhouse-style tattoo of three tears, which he has on the left side of his face, usually means that a guy has either killed someone or lost someone. Guess you’ll have to ask him which it is.

Kat Von D

The sole female on this list, tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D has a series of stars on the left side of her forehead. Both tough and sweet, Kat could pull off just about any tattoo, including a sappy little star on her cheek that matches one her BF, 80s metal star Nikki Sixx, has on his. So romantic.

Lil Wayne

Weezy’s got a bunch of jailhouse tattoos including a couple of tears and a cross on his face, plus a WHOLE lot of neck tats. He’s currently serving time in Rikers — where no one knows what he might emerge with on his face — and though he may be forgiven for his crimes, nothing will ever forgive “Rebirth.”


Can’t remember what city Game is from? Take a look at his face and you’ll get an easy reminder. Game’s face tat, the Dodgers logo inside of a red star, shows real love for his town and his team. Manny Ramirez would approve.