Frances Bean Cobain Makes Some Creepy Art

As the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain seems preternaturally destined to be a creative genius (and a bit of a nut case). So we probably shouldn’t be surprised that she landed her first art show at only 17. What we are surprised by though, is that the art isn’t all that bad! (High praise, huh?) The images are creepy, dark and cryptic. Sure, it’s kind of doodle-y. And yes, a lot of the ideas she’s playing with are straight out of the “Idiot’s Guide to Being an Angsty Teenager,” but dammit, we’ve seen 17-year-olds do stuff a whole lot worse than this. So nice going Frances Bean, or Fiddle Tim, her art world pseudonym.

Click below to see more of her drawings.