Jamie Bestwick Ditches His Bike To Kick Keanu Reeves’s Ass On The Race Track

Crossover athletes aren’t a new thing. Ancient Olympians battled in everything from track to equestrian events, and they did it all in their underwear. Jim Thorpe made a career as an Olympic pentathlete and a pro football, baseball and basketball player. More recently, John Daly pulled double duty as a PGA golfer and the guy bumming money from college girls for Bud Heavy tall boys and a spin on the jukebox.

So when our friends at Alli went looking for action-sport crossover athletes, they didn’t have to look hard. Speed junkies notoriously have trouble kicking the habit, and BMX vert master Jamie Bestwick is no exception. Alli recently followed the British-born biker to the Toyota Grand Prix Celebrity Race, where other celebs like Keanu and Tony Hawk raced Jamie as he ditched his two self-powered wheels for four gas-powered ones.

Just think of it as a Rascal Scooter for the clinically extreme.