Terrible Metallica Cover Band And Terrible Faceplant Make For Fantastic Video

If we were being held hostage by a crazy gunman who told us that he would kill all of our pets if we didn’t chose the most awesome part of this video, we’d be screwed. Because the video below has far too many awesome parts.

First, there’s the utter awfulness of the cover band. Second, there’s the sweetass dance moves of their one and only fan. Third, there’s the fact that they only have one fan. Fourth, there’s that fan’s hair-swinging and head-banging. Then, obviously, there’s her stumble and subsequent faceplant 40 seconds in. Ok, so that’s five. Let’s keep going. Sixth, there’s the complete lack of a reaction from the band after she falls. Seventh, there’s the terrible, half-hearted attempt at a jump-kick from the singer. Eighth, there’s the singer’s wig. And ninth, there’s the revelation that this horrific cover band actually has more than one fan and she, at least, has the courtesy to help the poor face-planter. Take it all in.

Via Funny or Die