Cold Cases: 10 Rappers Whose Names Reference Their Sub-Zero Temperatures

Before he started playing befuddled dads in family-friendly comedies, Ice Cube, like most Raiders fans, was one scary dude. But with the release of his new album, “I Am the West,” (which was supposed to come out today until it got delayed) O’Shea Jackson is trying to bring it back to the time when Cube was cold. So, in honor of the man once known as the “n*gga you love to hate,” here are 10 other rappers whose names tell us how cool they are and who rap about their sub-zero temperature.


No, he didn’t name himself after the drink. His name is actually an homage to famed pimp Iceberg Slim, who had a lot of runs-in with law and order (but not “Law & Order”). Now married to a life-size inflatable doll named Coco, Ice-T no longer needs to worry about staying warm.
ON HIS TEMPERATURE: “I gotta cool out now, so I don’t over-freeze / Nut up and start murdering MC’s” – “Watch the Ice Break”

LL Cool J

As he says, Ladies Love Cool James, and James Smith has been making them love him since he was 16. LL helped bring hip-hop up from the underground while still finding time to beef with other rappers and sleep with their girlfriends. Now he’s over 40 and the only thing that’s changed are his abs.
ON HIS TEMPERATURE: “Although I often reminisce I can’t believe that I found / a
desire for true love floating around / Inside my soul because my soul is cold” – “I Need

Vanilla Ice

Once thought of as a joke…haha, ok, he’s still thought of as a joke, but we’ll give the guy some respect for starting the white-boy fade and a brief trend of shaving lines in one’s eyebrow. So, credit where credit’s due.
ON HIS TEMPERATURE: “When a girl has a heart of stone, there’s only one way to melt it. Just add Ice.” – Cool as Ice

Kool Keith

One of the weirdest MCs in history, Kool Keith was rhyming about space and porn back when everyone was still rapping about their names and their hometowns. He was a pioneer with Ultramagnetic MCs, made the underground classic Dr. Octagonecologyst (as Dr. Octagon), and, if you see him live, he may throw a plastic bag full of chicken at your head.
ON HIS TEMPERATURE: “Kid freeze your rectum / Don’t step to me with hip-hop” – “Keep it Real”


The dude with the stick-up braids scored his first hit at 31 with “Fantastic Voyage,” and has been on reality TV and his own cooking show since. Just in case you think he’s lost his cool lately, he was recently iced on stage. And what’s cooler than participating in goofy Internet memes?
ON HIS TEMPERATURE: “Do I have power or do I have no self control? / These long, lonely nights have made my heart grow cold” – “My Soul”

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