6 Important Things Plus 20 Amazing Beach Volleyball Bodies

LADIES 20 hottest beach volleyball bodies [Heavy]
Put on some SPF 50. These girls are scorching.

ART ‘Big Bang Big Boom’ tells the story of evolution through street art [BluBlu]
You’ve never seen eggs get fertilized like this.

PHENOM Little North Korean girl is amazing at guitar [CollegeHumor]
Move over Bieber, there’s a new tiny, adorable show in town.

ROCK Former MLB pitcher Randy Johnson is an aspiring rock photographer [Noisecreep]
At 6′ 10″, the freak-of-nature shouldn’t have a hard time getting a shot from the crowd.

SPAZ Hiker is more excited by rainbow than you’ve ever been by anything [Huffington Post]
Is he crying? Laughing? Masturbating? All of them? You decide.

TRUTH 6 things from history everyone pictures incorrectly [Cracked]
Sorry man, your favorite viking helmet is historically inaccurate.

WTF Prince declares the Internet dead [Urlesque]
In a related story, the Internet declares Prince dead.