Chiddy Bang’s New Video ‘Sooner or Later’ Makes Us Forget All About Flying Cars

We admit it. A name like Chiddy Bang doesn’t get us thinking about much more than Dick Van Dyke and magical cars. Sometimes we’re old school like that. But after watching Chiddy (short for Chidera) show us why he’s “guilty of being privileged, cause while I’m in the booth my cousin’s in the village,” we think it’s time to dig back in the archives and see what he and partner Xaphoon Jones have been cooking up. Check out “Sooner or Later” and then dip into his archives with us below.

Chiddy Bang’s biggest song yet didn’t really surface in the US, but the Brits ate it up. We’re guessing this excellent video with its MGMT sample, skateboarding and big ass heads, played a part in that.