25 Rappers Who Would Vanish From The Face Of The Earth Without Twitter

In the old days, if you went a few months without hearing your favorite rapper on the radio or seeing him in a magazine, you may have thought he was dead. But these days Twitter makes it possible to follow nearly any emcee all the way to the grave—just ask The Game.

The reality is, if a rapper doesn’t have a top 40 record, white hot beef, or a sex tape, Twitter is the only way fans can find out what he’s up to. And for him, updating the world on the minutia of his life is the only way to stay remembered.

There are loads of rappers out there using the “Twittering to stay relevant” strategy, but we’ve narrowed them down to a list of the top 25 offenders. Click below for a list of emcees, some famous in the last century and others making waves just last year, who would vanish from the face of the earth if we experienced a long term fail whale.

1. MC Craig G — The Juice Crew alum was a judge for the Red Bull Emsee Battle, but he has verses for sale! That’s gotta be a conflict of interest.

2. Wise Intelligent — It’s been a long time since Wise has rocked any funky joints, but you can catch the Poor Righteous Teacher tweeting lessons every now and then.

3. Capone (of Capone N’ Noreaga) — Def Jam dropped him, and maybe that’s why Capone’s feeling so much pain “Pain.” Or maybe it’s his group name tatt?

4. Lord Jamar — If Rev Run’s daily words of wisdom aren’t doing it, follow Lord Jamar to get some daily mathematics.

5. Jean Grae — She tweets with the force of the Phoenix.

6. Ja Rule — He’s probably still spending money from “Between Me and You,” and we bet he’s not even thinking about releasing another album. But if he does, following him is probably the only way you’ll ever know about it.

7. Tek and Steele (of Smif-n-Wesson aka The Cocoa Brovaz) — These sound bwoys aren’t yet buried, but if you’re not following you won’t hear a word about them.

8. Freddie Foxx aka Bumpy KnucklesJohn Cena’s man is still shaking the industry down and maintaining his “Militia” status with the creation of the F***Solar movement. RIP Guru.